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New Practice Software - techie question


I'm hoping to start my new practice in the next couple of weeks (waiting to see if I get the thumbs up from ACCA).

I'm planning to buy VT, VT+, TaxCalc, Moneysoft, and maybe Kashbooks or something as well.

Can anyone tell me what my minimum system requirements will be for:

a) broadband speeds etc? don't know much about this, but wanted to check before I consider changing to a cheaper monthly option.  Currently got BT's Option 3 (£20 a month) but don't do downloads other than the odd document here and there (ie no films, music etc);

b) PC RAM etc - I read something somewhere about RAM and something else???  I currently have a HP computer (same as the ones you get in an office) which is 2GB RAM, and 32 bit.  I run Vista Business and have Office 2007.

I've been told by a non-techie to change to Windows 2007 at least, but I'm not sure about the rest of it.

I would be very grateful for any advice as I want to invest wisely from the start because whatever I purchase will need to last for a while I reckon.




Sounds fine to me

chatman | | Permalink

I am not a techie, but it sounds like what you have got will work fine. You do not need very fast internet speed to do what we do, and none of the tax and accountancy programmes you are getting are resource-hungry (except Kashbooks - never heard of it).

Don't forget online backup software, eg KineticD.

Accounting Programmes

agknight | | Permalink

You don't mention Sage.

Not my favourite by any stretch - I recommend Liberty Accounts, but you will find 70% of clients expect you to use Sage. And I lost one prospect before I bought it £595 for 25 client version.

Good point about Sage

chatman | | Permalink

I have got away without it but if any new prospect wants to use it I will buy it for the reasons set out above. 

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eve2206 | | Permalink


Thanks for your responses.  The point about Sage is a really useful one.  I've steered clear of it because of the negative press it gets on this site, but that's the only reason.

Being a new practice I would be gutted if I lost a potential client and it would really dent my confidence.

You say that Sage was £595 for 25 clients, but is this just for your own office use, ie they can't access Sage online as part of that deal??  I will contact the Sage people, but just wondered about that aspect.




jp1 | | Permalink

Sage gave me the price was 25 ltd  year end account &CT and 50 personal tax return £700. Bookkeeping and payroll software £1300.  What is the bad point for use sage account production which compare with other account prodution package?


mm01 | | Permalink

Your persistent I will give you that!!  There are much better and cheaper alternatives compared to Sage practice software so go and download the trials that everyone recommended you to do!

As for Line50, I only have a single user licence and just restore the company file that I need as and when.


Mallock | | Permalink

I think I would check out the licence conditions before using a single company version for multiple companies.


mm01 | | Permalink

Whats the issue?  I only ever have one company open at any one time so cant see if being a problem?


Mallock | | Permalink

I don't disagree with your thoughts but I am not sure that Sage see it that way.

Software you may be interested in..

OliverSelestial | | Permalink


I wish you all the best with your practice set up.

You may be interested in out software, its a modern online cloud based practice management program.

You can look at it here:

Let me know what you think.


KashBooks? Might he mean..

KFGary | | Permalink



KashFlow is a user-friendly, versatile on-line accounting software. Accompanying KashFlow there's a free accountants control software (find it at orbitaccounts .com) and because it's on-line there are no system requirements for the accountant as such. He or she simply needs internet access....

Gary Monro


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