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Starting out - mentor

Hi, I am thinking of starting in practice next year (Jan 2012). I am qualified ACA with limited tax experience. I am looking for someone who could mentor me. I am based in Essex.

For those who started out, how did you go about finding a mentor?




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I just in the process set up accountancy myself , can I have a mentor in Manchester? I am just facing a difficult decesion, is it worth to buy sage Taxation and year end software pack??


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Hadn't everyone already told you not to buy sage as it's useless?! VT, tax calc and moneysoft are the choice of small practices.


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Thank you for your comment, but could you tell me, why sage year end account and tax useless?

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Starting out - Mentor

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Hi affordableaccountant (and bbc?)

Whilst I'm not a tax expert etc, I do mentor accountants who're considering whether/how to set up in practice.

As a CIMA accountant with no previous practice exprience, I learnt the hard way about setting up in business, and now I like to help others in a similar posiition avoid a few of the pitfalls I met along the way!

I'm very happy to have a chat if that's of interest?



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Starting out - mentor

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Hi Time4Change,

I saw your reply to affordable accountant back in 2011 and wondered if you are still enjoying mentoring accountants who are starting out? If so I'm in a similar position, many years in industry, none in practice. I'm an FCCA and have a practicing certificate and will be "going for it" in May, so any advice much appreciated.


Kind Regards,



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