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Recycled cooking oil energy deal for new PwC London office

PwC has announced a new recycled cooking oil energy deal for its London office. The initiative includes more than 45,000 litres of cooking oil that will be recycled per month from restaurants, bars, offices and hotels around the capital.

Here's an extract from their press release:

"A new deal signed by professional services firm PwC has secured the largest ever office supply of recycled chip fat from bars, restaurants and businesses across London to generate low carbon energy for the firm’s new headquarters on the Southbank of London.

Two 6,000 litre tankers a week will be filled with used cooking oil collected by Arrow Oil, from offices and restaurants from city centre locations. The oil will be transported to a local refinery, Uptown Biodiesel, and then on to PwC for use in the firm’s state of the art tri-generation facility on site at their new office at More London, for 5500 employees.

Over 45,000 litres of cooking oil will be sourced per month, equivalent to the oil needed to fill 9,000 average domestic deep fat fryers. The tri-generation facility will use 100% biofuel, and is the largest installation of its type in a commercial office building in the UK. The oil will be used to fire two large generators creating 25% of the electricity needed for the building, as well as 20% of its heating and cooling. Overall, 25% of the energy needed in the building will be generated on site.

Guaranteeing the source of the supply within the London area was critical to the deal, as supplies from outside the area would have increased the carbon footprint of the oil.

PwC worked with its catering supplier partner ARAMARK to secure supplies from other offices around the City, and oil collection company, Arrow Oil, to source supplies from a network of restaurants, hotels and bars within the M25. Pub group Fullers, restaurant chain Zizi’s and city wine bar chain Corney and Barrow are amongst those participating in the recycling scheme for cooking oil. This oil is then delivered to Uptown Biodiesel in Southwark where it is refined for use in the generators."

What are the main views from the AccountingWEB community on this initiative?

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Walking the walk

Paul Scholes | | Permalink

Given their excellent Sustainability & CR credentials, for themselves & their clients, I'm not surprised they push this boat out.  I seem to remember their offices gained top rating in building environmental assessment and so this goes hand in hand with it.

Only wish I had my own generation unit and more restaurants around me!

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Excellent stuff!

SimonH | | Permalink

This is a great, bold move by PwC. What isn't mentioned is the comparative cost of using this system, but my guess would be it's saving them a lot of money! Sustainability = Efficiency = Lower costs.

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