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TAS Books 3 Accounting - how do i change the year end date?

Quick question, i have an old version of this software for my basic personal accounts, and no tech support!

Anyway, how do i change my year end? its 31st july at the mo but  i want it to be 31st march?


Thanks people!



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I think you are stuck with the existing year end.

A work around we used when we had a client incorporate was to pick months from year one and the remaining months from the current year to make up the new accounting period.

It's a little cumbersome, but certainly gets you around the problem.


No support but need to change year end

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If you contact support , they could do this for you for a fee. Well they used to in the old days.

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Changing the Year End

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Given your circumstances that you are using an old version of TAS Books 3 your only recourse is to send the data to TAS Support and they can change the year end for you. They will charge a fee. also TB3 is no longer supported by TAS but they should still be able to help you.

If you were using version 8, TAS Books for Accountants Practice Edition allows me to change the year end for you - and I suspect for a much lower fee than TAS would charge you.

In the past we have advised clients the cheapest way to workaround is to upgrade to the multi company version and have two sets of data. In your case the one at 31 July would be copied to a new data set and cleared down but leaving the chart of accounts, suppliers, ccustomers details intact. Set the year end to 31 March and enter the opening balances from the trial balance of the first data set. In either set of data only use the months that you need.  Final accounts can be produced by a consolidation of the two sets of data and then from 1 April start your new year with the second data set.

Its not easy so you need to weigh up costs against time saved. My first suggestion would probably be the easiest.

Stephen Quay

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