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TAS Books 3 Accounting - i need help!!!! Please, with account descriptions

Hi! I am using an old version of TAS Books 3 and haven't had the need for technical support until now, but do not subscribe to support anymore, and cant afford to.

My question is for users and experts in the software.

On entering a nominal journal or a purchase invoice, why does the correct desciption of the nominal account NOT appear at the entry level on the setup of the nominal account?? In otherwords, whenever i enter a purchase , it always comes up with the description "Purchases" instead of the actual description "Stock" or "Stationery".

Following advice from a kind colleauge on this site, I went to ledger setup and changed the descriptions.

However, when i go to "SAVE" the changes, it tells me that I have incomplete minimum setup! Even when I enter the setup, make no changes and click SAVE, it moans at me with the same message!

 Please help!


TAS Books 3 Accounting

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I'm assuming that the error message you get is about the lack of the 'GMV/Accrual Account' which is due to a bug in the software.  I'm not familiar with version 3, being a former TAS Books 2 user, but had the same problem as you - it was impossible to re-create the account once it had been removed but the error message still occured and stopped any changes to the ledger set-up.  Unfortunately, as this account seems to be created by the system, it cannot be re-created once it has been removed.  Without the use of technical support (which can fix the problem) the one solution you might consider is to print a TB at a month-end, then create a new company using your TB as the opening balances.  Accept all the default account numbers then either delete or re-number them to match your existing ones - do NOT use program 049 to cleardown the data files.   Be very careful NOT to delete the GMV/Accrual Account - you can re-number it, though, so that it doesn't get included in your reports.  Do not remove your 'old' company - keep it to refer to for historical data.  Once you have a set of accounts which still has the GMV/Accrual account you will be able to make all the changes you need in the ledger set-up. 


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