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Amy Winehouse

Wasted talent or 'Wasted' 'talent'?

Personally I thought she had a fantastic voice and an amazing lyrical ability, sadly she also had a destructive side that took over :(

Incidently, a lot of artists seem to die at 27: Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix, Kurt Cobain...

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Too depressed to reply

John Stokdyk | | Permalink

Or "that stupid club" as Kurt Cobain's mother put it.

I disliked "Rehab" before, and now I really can't listen to it - but you have to admit it's the catchiest suicide note of 21st century pop. Unfortunately, it seems like the success of Back in Black gave Amy all the money she needed to buy all the drugs and booze needed to destroy herself.

The precise details of what happened over the weekend have yet to be established, but most people would accept that it was just a matter of time before something like this happend. It's a form of self-comfort, I think, to blame "the industry" but I'm still confused about how her tragedy was played out so publicly without anyone being able to prevent it.

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The truth about addiction

Becky Midgley | | Permalink

Here is a great piece by one addict about another, I thought in light of John's comments it was appropriate to share it here:

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My thoughts are more with those in Norway ...

Old Greying Acc... | | Permalink

... they had no choices to make!

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Often the way...

Constantly Confused | | Permalink

Celebrity tragedy often outweighs 'normal people' tragedy in the eyes of the media.


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Top_Cat | | Permalink

Funny how at best mediocre artists suddenly become "brilliant" when they die.

I wouldn't say she was talented, or had a particularly good voice, and she was certainly not a role model for youngsters. 

What is particularly "sick" is that, according to the news, so called "fans" are leaving bottles of Vodka as tributes.  

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Media representation

Becky Midgley | | Permalink

It's worth noting that the Metro today has dedicated their 4 or 5 of their first 7 pages to the attacks in Norway and the aftermath.  Amy Winehouse is on pages 8-9 I think. 

I agree with Topcat insofar as I was not a fan of her, and I certainly didn't think she was a good role model, but I am sad that another artist has been lost to addiction.  I think any loss of a creative person is sad for us all, no matter the circumstances.  For me though, I really sympathise with her family, losing someone through addiction is heartbreakingly sad.  It is true what Brand said in the article posted above: when you know someone who suffers from addiction, you do spend your life waiting for a phone call.

Regardless of talent

Flash Gordon | | Permalink

She was only 27 and that's too young to die. Whatever way you die at a young age (illness, suicide, murder, accident, natural causes) it's a life that hasn't been fulfilled and that's why I feel sadness right now.

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Strange and worrying people.

Top_Cat | | Permalink

For me though, I really sympathise with her family, losing someone through addiction is heartbreakingly sad.


Posted by Becky Midgley on Mon, 25/07/2011 - 10:23


A lot of people die from addictions.

Addiction to tobacco, addiction to fatty foods, lack of excercise due to addiction to TV, there are a lot of deadly addictions.

What I find worrying and rather pathetic s this recent culture of worshipping so called "celebrities". This seemed to start when Dianna died and now seems to happen everytime a "celebrity" dies. The florists must rub their hands together with glee whenever one of these people dies. I wonder what this says about our culture that the great British public are laying flowers to remember an average singer, yet don't seem bothered by 90+ people being gunned down in Norway.


Flash Gordon | | Permalink

I agree that there is the need amongst some people to be part of things publicly when someone dies (reality tv has a lot to answer for) but realistically only a few people are turning up with tributes for Amy and I'm sure that there are a lot of people who do have a lot of feelings for those killed in Norway. And its not quite as convenient to pop over there with a bunch of flowers!

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Constantly Confused | | Permalink

Well Amy had a much bigger impact on my life than the entire population of Norway combined.  It doesn't mean I'm not sad for the people killed, but as a Winehouse fan her death has affected me more.

Callous?  Perhaps, but I'm just a duck so don't grade me by human standards.

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Actually ...

Old Greying Acc... | | Permalink

... the actions of thousands of valiant Norwegian exiles and resistance fighters in world war two helped contribute to the allied victory and enabled you to be in a position to make your comments, so, IMVHO, Norway has had a far bigger impact on your life than Miss Winehouse ever could.

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Interesting...    1 thanks

Constantly Confused | | Permalink

Though there was that time when Miss Winehouse, on one of her drunken benders, accidently kicked me out of the road while she was staggering down a country road.  She hurt my wing, but if not for that kick I would have been hit by a 4x4.

I'll call it a tie.

@ Constantly

Flash Gordon | | Permalink

You make me laugh! I read that initially as her kicking the wing of your car (you in human form) and thought 'wow she must have been strong to move a car' and then the penny dropped....... :)

Amazing Singer

sarah douglas | | Permalink


I agree with John about her having enough money to destroy herself.  She had an amazing talent.  Just because she has died, this does not make  her suddenly  brillant nor should it.   I had hoped one day she would get it back together but that was not to be the case.  Its a sad lesson what happens when you get addicted.  She was an amazing singer and writer.  Yes it is a loss to the music industry. I do question the music industry and the management making money.  Just look at the effect drugs had on Elvis and  Judy Garland their management should have said no.  They were both pushed by their managment extremely hard. I guess for the managment to make money. 

-- Kind Regards Sarah@ Douglas Accountancy & Bookkeeping Services, Glasgow

Amy winehouse Tributes

Abacjm | | Permalink

I'm sorry, but i just dont get this craze for laying flowers, lighting candles etc when someone famous dies! What is the point? Much better would be if the money spent was given to charity as a remembrance gift. Maybe the Govt could legislate for that in extra tax relief, if they gave to a charity in cases like this!

Mind you, 90% of those laying flowers may be on benefits and render tax relief irelevant! Flowers and candles last a week at most then the council have to came and clear up the mess at whatever cost that comes to!

Maybe I should become a Florist!

Having said that, I found Russel Brand's tribute, touching and heartfelt. Depsite his reputaion for swearing and glib remarks, the boy undoubtedly has a talent for writing, as one talking from experience, but at least he survives.

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