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Funniest thing that happened to you this week

What happened this week that really made you want to tell someone how funny it was?

For me it was a surreal moment - which may later feature in a book. I was acting on a murder weekend but due to die on Friday night. This means you get a few hours with guests ( the sleuths) and then die. Normally actors then go home (which I was planning to do.)

For various reasons Joy (who is the Boss, and was playing my sister) needed to escourt me into position and then arrive at the function having found me "dying". While she was gone a stray guest came upon me in the hotel corridor covered in "blood" but not dead yet. Obviously the guest sought to discover "who dunnit". Shortly after, around 80 guests arrived, and my "sister" tried to comfort me by suggesting I think of happy things. She asked me what I was thinking of and I replied "Snowflakes" - oddly knowing where this was going. It ended up with around 80 people singing "My favourite things" - and after that "Doe a deer" while I expired before them (trying my hardest not to laugh). Having been acting for about 6 years on murder weekends, it was the most surreal and funniest experience of my acting career!



Fabulous :)

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Now if that had been me as a soon-to-be corpse I'd have had to make an amazing recovery in order to sing The Lonely Goatherd! Sounds like a lot of fun was had & I bet there were a few people who went home and shared that story :)

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