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How to stop all the emails notifying you of a recent comment ( Solution)


I hope this helps with one of the problems that some members have complained about using the USER GROUP.

There have been a number of comments about all the emails you receive when you subscribe to a group.

You can set them to how often you want them or never if that is the case and just join in when you want to .

Steps :

Go to your profile where your picture and Name are.

Press the View Control Panel Option 

Go the DiSCUSSION GROUPS in BOLDED GREY where you will see a link in blue called 


This allows you to set the emails once a week , two days or NEVER  if thats what you prefer. 

Cheers Sarah

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Thanks you!

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Very helpful, thanks a lot.

Thank you

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Thank you

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Thank you

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.. from me, too. :)


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 It is available on both safari for Windows and Mac  .  You can have as many browers as you like on your computer  and keep your Microsoft Explorer as your main browers if you want.

Out of interest it is worth members using the glasses on safari on the left handside in the updated safari browser.  If you click on it its self explantory . Thats the best thing to do.   It allows to flag up items to read if you see something of interest but you are busy. its a bit like using Mail once you read it flags you have read it and removes it, but you can then see it if you press the all button .  Also if you click the reader button in the link line  in Safari it removes all advertising from an article .  Both are availabe on Safari for windows and the Mac.  The reader button appears if it is a option.  Its seems to be on most pages.

It also allows you flag up pages on your tops sites like TIME OUT if you wanted to.  I have it set with the HM Pages  and other that i use all the time .  You jsut press the picture much easier then a favourites bar. 

As I said above there is no problem having more then one browser on your computer as it picks up which one is your main one.

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Thank you Sarah for your wizardy internet tip and indeed for helping members locate their content updates/subscriptions - huge help to the community, so thanks :)

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