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Record of the week

With a view to sharing musical tastes and discoveries, it would be good if you could post links on this thread of a piece of music or song that has caught your ear each week, new music or new to you, a favourite or a "re-discovery" or just one you wish to share - whatever - is just nice to find out new music and expand ones musical exposure.

This is my starter to get it going, this is one of the best young groups around at the moment doing a cover of what is IMVHO one of the best songs ever written:

(And if you don't know the song, here is it performed by its composer Jeff Mangum, also IMVHO one of the best song writers ever)

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I enjoyed the links OGA

ShirleyM | | Permalink

So many pop groups today that can't play instruments, so it makes a nice change to see singers & groups making their own music.

I particularly like music with good harmonies so here's a couple from different era's:

Paul McArtney 'Let it be' - I love the harmonies, and the words, too.

Wilhelm Kempff/Beethoven 'Moonlight Sonata' - this is particularly amazing as Beethoven was supposedly deaf (or close to deafness) when he composed this sonata.

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It has to be

runningmate | | Permalink

Play it loud and let the tears roll down your cheeks



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Thanks for the posts ...

Old Greying Acc... | | Permalink

... as I say, it is not for a list of favourites, just to keep coming back to when you hear a tune you want to share.

I will listen to the links later as lunch break is over and the foreman is scowling at her watch as I am not back in the garden yet!

Never really signed up to the Beatles though, especially McCartney - bit ditsy for me.

I was going to "start a new poll" but I was told access denied - Becky... help

Can we have a Beatles or Stones poll!

I would say though Shirley, there are many many really talented kids out there, and the internet, especially youtube, make it possible for them to be dicovered. The future of music is being taken away from the likes of Cowell and Walsh and going back to its roots, thank God!

If you are a 40/50 something, try Absolute Radio, it has a fantastic blend of old classic, current good music and up coming talent - they do some fantastic live sessions, and if you haven't you should watch their Elbow gig in the crypt at St Pauls, they have taken it off their website now, but you can find the tunes individually on youtube.

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Technically, new week!

Old Greying Acc... | | Permalink

Shirley, you may like this!

As for good music from talented young people, these two also make good music in their own rights and I would recommend all their albums (they have two each)

This is Johnny's best, IMHO

And this Laura's

And finally (it is my thread - maybe it should be artist of the week) this shows what music is all about


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Becky Midgley | | Permalink

Poll duly created - it currently appears as the newest entry in the group with space for comments too. 

Let it be and Hey Jude

sarah douglas | | Permalink

Hi Shirley 

Does that song ever end . That and Hey Jude I could have had loads of pints in the time it takes them to finish singing these songs , that is I have not gone to sleep before the end.

Now the Beatles have good songs ,  but let it be not one for me.  

Shirley you should come to Glasgow there are no shortage of good bands that play their own instruments.  I just need more funds to see them.

 I am in druming band. The last year have been training really hard in the Audio Lounge in Glasgow and I do mean training those drums are exhausting, so starting to get to see the bands for free in practice and their gigs.    Just thought  I 'd mention was in  my first paid Gig yesterday and got sunburnt.    There are plenty of young bands coming up .  Of course we are not one of the youngs one. 

-- Kind Regards Sarah@ Douglas Accountancy & Bookkeeping Services, Glasgow

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Drum God ...

Old Greying Acc... | | Permalink

And that is not opinion this time :o)

Look at the 180+bpm video!


Drum God

sarah douglas | | Permalink



You made me smile.  So hopefully instead of getting bigger as I get older the reverse will happen.  It is very healthy but it is also amazing for your stress levels expecially when were training in sound proof room.  Be as loud and bang as hard as we like and the sound is great with big ear protection though.

I will have to show that to the band.


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ShirleyM | | Permalink

You are one talented lady!!!

Although I love music, and can play piano/organ well enough for the tunes to be recognisable, I have no real talent for musical instruments ... and although I have been in a couple of choirs I think they allowed me in out of pity (or because of my obvious enthusiasm)! I have a distinct handicap in that I have really tiny hands and cannot span an octave (thats my excuse, anyway!).

I am quite envious of anyone with musical talent as it gives so much pleasure, not only to the musician, but to everyone who listens.

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Super Furry Animals

mwngiol | | Permalink

Just found this on youtube about an hour ago and have listened to it about 5 times already. Beautiful song :)

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3 Doors Down and Bon Jovi

stepurhan | | Permalink

I was reminded of this one this week. I not only like the music, but the story the video tells. The ending always sends a shiver through my spine. The exhibition of free running in the video is quite impressive as well.

It's Not My Time by 3 Doors Down

Watching that reminded me of a more light-hearted demonstration of free-running, try this Bon Jovi song. The truck stunt at about 3 minutes in is quite something though.

It's My Life by Bon Jovi


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Thank's Stephuran

Old Greying Acc... | | Permalink

That's more like it.

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Radio Edits

stepurhan | | Permalink

There once was a charming little folk group called Steel Panther that sang songs about sheep gambolling across fields.

Not really, they are a heavy metal group and there is a lack of sheep in their songs (and any that do appear are unlikly to be gambolling)  Anyway, this is the radio edit of their song "Death to All But Metal", which largely revolves about being rude to famous artists in other genres. It is loud heavy metal music so it may be inappropriate for an office environment.

Death to All But Metal (Radio Edit) by Steel Panther

If you have listened to the above, you may have noticed that the song was liberally strewn with odd sound effects. This is because Steel Panther use a lot of naughty words. As appearing on a radio playlist may mean the song is played at a time when sweet innocent children might hear, all the naughty words have to be covered up for the radio edit. With this particular song, this means about half (exaggerating, but not as much as you'd think) of the lyrics go missing. I'd come across this is films before (check out the DVD extras on any Edgar Wright film for some fine examples) but this is the first time I've found it so noticeable in a song.

Below is the uncensored video version. This contains a lot of very naughty words and so is almost certainly not suitable for playing in the office. For the male members, the video does include Nicole Kidman gyrating on a desk with not much on. Not much for the female members on that front. Steel Panther are not what you'd call pretty boys.

Death to All But Metal (Uncensored) by Steel Panther

For any male members attracted by the appeal of gyrating ladies but not so keen on the naughty words and heavy metal part, try Bowling for Soup. More of a rock song and includes a brief reference to accountancy in the opening verse. The lady gyrating is spoofing rock videos, with plenty of other rock video spoofing in there (the Robert Plant spoof is particularly disturbing, mainly due to the recreation being all male). Probably safe for the office as long as playing music in the first place isn't a problem.

1985 by Bowling for Soup

I shall try to find something more for the ladies next time.

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For those who think HMRC are moving in the right direction ...

Old Greying Acc... | | Permalink

... this old favourite of mine offers a cautionary tale:

As Confucius he say "the cautious seldom err"

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Just skimming through the acts at Latitude ...

Old Greying Acc... | | Permalink

... and saw these old favourites were there!

This one's for Shirley!



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Thanks OGA

ShirleyM | | Permalink

Dancing Horses reminded you of me? Awwww ... that's nice.

Thanks OGA for your lovely thought :)

I remembered your tribute to Dolly, so .................

Enjoy :)

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Oh dear ...

Old Greying Acc... | | Permalink

... you found my achilles heel - where's that sick bucket! (BS always has that effect on me - ghastly woman)

As I seem to be in G&S mode today, to mis-quote Frederick, "I look upon her with a disgust that amounts to absolute detestation".

You missed the obvious riposte!


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