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What do accountants wear to work?

continued, I think this is the right place.

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As opposed to what Accountants wear

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at work. Suitable attire would probably be the answer most will give.

OK came in suit and tie. Now sitting here with fan on and just shorts. Got client at 6 will then don shirt, trousers and tie then go home.

If it's raining I open my umbrella and do a Gene Kelly all the way home.

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Where is Gina Dyer when you need her?

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I thought of Gina, who used to be our deputy editor but has gone on to launch MyStreetChic.com, when I saw the original Any Answers thread about this theme.

My question would be, is it possible to retain your personal style while also donning the corporate uniform or "smart casual" that the majority of our members plumped for.

I have to admit as a home-worker, I'm a slippers, T-shirts and shorts kinda guy. Glad to hear I'm not the only one, but when I do try and get smart, the results are increasingly comic. I really must upgrade my wardrobe!

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Horaay for fashion!

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Horray! I like this thread! As John said, I'm in a unique position, having been deputy editor of AccountingWEB.co.uk and now being editor of fashion website MyStreetChic.com.  From attending quite a few accounting related events in the past, I can tell you it's mostly suits of the black, grey and navy variety that I've seen - with a few exceptions.

Rebecca Benneyworth is always bold with her colours and prints, whilst looking professional. She's got a few red suits and a rather nice houndstooth jacket. I think the key to looking good at work is to wear something that reflects your personality in a professional way.

We've published a few tips on how to dress for work in Office wear that works (plug, plug!)

My top tips for this season are as follows:

  • Masculine tailoring for ladies is in this season, so check out Dorothy Perkins and M&S for tailored jackets which you can wear with smart cigarette pants if you're an atheltic build, or with a pencil skirt if you're petite or more curvy.
  • Sixties style is back for Autumn/Winter 2011, so I'd say invest in a shift dress, which looks great for work when paired with tights and court shoes.
  • A big trend that keeps coming back is heritage chic - tweed and other true Brit fabrics are hot right now. Keep it simple and chic by choosing one item from this trend, such as a fitted tweed jacket, and wearing it with somthing plainer.

Happy dressing, accountants!

Gina x


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Welcome back Gina!

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Gina! Hi! Pleased you've still found a reason to pop back and say hello. For those of you not in the know, Gina was always the most glamorous member of staff in the Sift office and we miss her.

Thanks for the fashion tips, Gina. Although we both know it will always be jeans and a jumper for me!

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Try traditional attire

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On my last day at a Government research establishment in the heart of England, I arrived in Scottish Highland dress, accompanied by my piper.

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suits, but

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When I had my own place, I always wore a suit, but it was usually made from some unusual material - like moleskin or corduroy - in a colour like olive or chocolate brown, with a convential double cuff shirt and tie.

Having returned to the corporate world - albeit not as an accountant - I wear what our clients wear, so it can be anything from jeans and a polo shirt, through to grey suit, white shirt and dark tie.



DERA by any chance?

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Just wondering, Mr Feidh.

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