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Anyone else hit WOMAD this year? 

Felt that the acts didn't quite match last year's but still loads of variety.  All in all though still a great event, food, atmosphere and the weather was kind again, especially Sunday.  Even had a new world record for number of air guitarists...rock on!

Toilets just made it through the acceptable stakes (if you were prepared to search!)

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I had an offer of a ticket

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Last minute phone call from a friend on Friday to offer me a ticket, I would have gone but I already had plans this weekend that would have been naughty of me to let down.

What's the basis of WOMAD?  Is there a particular theme?  I have to admit I don't really know that much about it. 

I do enjoy a good festival.  We had the 40th Anniversary Bristol Harbour Festival this weekend. A wonderful free event that sees music, art, dance and kids entertainment explode on the city centre with lots of music venues hosting fringe events too for nominal fees.  There are never enough toilets, which really annoys me, and this year due to losing their sponsor the council also had to cancel the Saturday night fireworks which are really popular.  But I had my family over from Wilts for it and the kids had a brilliant time!

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Funny, I haven't been to Bristol in years but remember a huge festival in the 80s....well actually I was there but remember not alot, for a variety of reasons.

World of Music, Arts & Dance is just that http://womad.org with Music being the main element. There's not enough room here to cover the atmosphere, acts & activities in the 3 days but I come away feeling that the world isn't such a bad place.  As with so much in the West, we forget that culture was alive and kicking well before we "invented" it.

Headliners this year were Rodrigo & Gabriela http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l-qgum7hFXk and I defy anyone to watch & listen whist staying absolutely still.



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I agree

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R&G are amazing! In fact, we introduced my boyfriend's dad to them and he is now a massive fan.  I saw them at Glasto last year and they were astonishing.

I might try Womad next year then, it is in my old stomping ground of Wiltshire I believe.

Bristol in the 80s eh?  Far out!

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