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Accountants report for ICAS member firms (VT Final Accounts)

The current version of VT Final Accounts only offers accountants reports for ICAEW and ACCA.  The firm I work for is an ICAS member firm and to get around the lack of the ICAS report we use the ICAEW report and replace the ICAEW specific references with ICAS references, on a per workbook basis. 

I am toying with the idea of amending the original workbook templates, so that the changes are done once and apply to all new workbooks.  If I recall correctly, some templates are updated in the background and I do not want to risk breaking this process by making changes to the default templates.

I would like to hear your opinions on the suitability of my proposed idea above and I would also be grateful if other VT users from ICAS firms could share with me how they go about preparing the accountants report using VT Final Accounts.



I asked Philip at VT and his response was....

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Having thought about it a bit more, I think the simplest thing is to type up the ICAS version of the CCAB report on a custom sheet in the template (Insert>Worksheet command) with no automatic wording. Use the Merge Cells and Wrap Text button on the VT toolbar to fill text across columns.

See also on the Help topics General features>Modifying a template.

You can then easily copy and paste this into any new version we release.


I was then rather stupid and still couldnt' work it out, so asked again, and this was the response.

I have to confess that thus far I haven't done it - I simply have the text stored and copy and paste it over every time, but will get round to this way soon as more accounts start to flow through!

PM me if you'd like me to forward the actual email thread. 


You should insert the worksheet using Excel commands.

When you come to print your accounts you should click on the Print Accounts button then click on the Define button to select which sheets should be included in the accounts.


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