How do I remove the motor vehicles line from depreciation note in VT Final Accounts

In my accounting policies note, under depreciation, I have rates for both plant and machinery and motor vehicles. The company has no motor vehicles so I want to remove the motor vehicles line but I cannot see how to do it. Can anyone advise me? 

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delete line

mr. mischief | | Permalink

I normally just use the Excel delete line command.


accountright | | Permalink

Same here!

I also add or delete lines to format the pages for presentation purposes.  It can look odd when the fixed asset note is split on two pages.



remember the abbreviated line - also page break view

wardandco | | Permalink

I use the excel delete function for the depreciation line - you have to delete it in the abbreviated one too though as it picks up zero's. 

To make it look good, ie page breaks, just go to view page breaks and move (with the mouse) the break to a better place - you can then make the whole document look better - the notes section always needs this as it spreads more than one page.

Thanks all three of you

chatman | | Permalink

I have been doing that till now, but I worry about the unexpected effects of manual intervention. I tried hiding the line, but it gave me a blank page in the accounts. I am sure I can fix that with page breaks though. I thought there might be a VT command.

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