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Importing Dates (Maybe one for Mr Hodgson)

I was just compiling a wish list of functions in my perfect accounting software and found that VTT+ had nearly all of them except the ability to import transaction dates. Is there any chance of VT doing this in the near future? 

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VT Objects

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Although I have never got around to using these.

VT Objects

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What are they and how do I get them?

Sorry Mark Three

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Forgot to say thanks. 

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VT objects

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They used to be on the installation cd, but I guess they may be on the website. The idea was that you could exchange data in VT via an Excel website running vt objects macros.  I never got very far with it, but would like to sometime.  Once working you should be able to e.g. import sales invoices, payments etc.  They would import by transaction rather than the import journal that's built into vt.  Because of the import journal facility, I get by with that, although the 'holy grail' would be to write information to the vt data file.  Which is I guess what you are after.

I suppose we should ask if anyone has any 'objects' that they have written to give us a bit of a start.

Somebody has:

It looks like you need knowledge of Visual Basic

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which I don't so I think I will have to give up on it.  Sounds like VT have no plans for importing dates either. 

Not on the list

vtsoftware | | Permalink

It is obviously a good idea but we have a lot of other priorities. See

Philip Hodgson
VT Software

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Visual Basic

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It baffles me too, but I think it is a case of trial and error.  Thousands of years ago I had a bit of knowledge of Basic and so I think I could grasp it.  Like most people I don't have enough time.  I would still like to get to grips with it as I can see the potential.  Ho hum back to tax returns...

VT Objects

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Didnt really know about these.

I have the similar problems - clients using CahBook or spreadsheets that I need to get into VTT+.

Have just had a play with the examples and managed to extract all of the transactions from CashBook into an excel spreadsheet

Will now try and import them back into my VTT+ files

Will let you know how I get on if of any interest



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Yes, would be of great interest. 

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Cashbook to VTT+

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You can open cashbook files (.vcb) in VTT+. Simply right click the file and select 'open with VT Transaction+'.

Do you have any specific reason for extracting from cashbook and then importing to VTT+?

Cash book to VT+

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Yes - I have a couple of clients who just process their bank transactions etc which I then pick up and load into VTT+ so that I can prepare the accounts and do adjustments etc ete etc whilst they can carry on with their entries.

End of next period/year I can do the same thing

Hope that makes sense


Cash Book to VTT

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Can't you get them to input their bank transactions to your VTT file, using Cash Book, and then send it back to you?You could then make your adjustments and send the file back to them to make the next set of bank postings.

CashBook to VTT+

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Could do but means that I would have to get the accounts sorted straight away and that they would have to stop processing until I was ready.


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How about sharing the file with That way you would just need to call the client whenever you were about to use the file, to avoid creating different versions, then call them again to let them know when you have finished.

Importing Dates

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Have just completed a macro to import transactions from a spreadsheet into a VT file send me an email if your interested in it still.

Trevor White

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