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Linking to Excel?

VT Final Accounts has a useful journal entry  - either TB style or classic style - for making final adjustments. Does anyone know if it is possible to make entries in these by formula link to another spreadsheet? The example I have is deferred tax, which I have calculated elsewhere, and it always seems to me to be best practice to formulate rather than re-type. 

It is possible as second best to copy and paste, but this is cumbersome as you have to copy before you open the JV and cannot go back to copy a second figure without closing the journal (as far as I can see).



chas01 | | Permalink

It is possible to link the VT trial balance with deferred and corporation tax computations so that any journals automatically update the tax in the accounts.  We have done this for some years and have the tax computation within the workbook on a separate sheet.

Try it yourself.


Not using the journal entry screen?

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Thanks, Charles - I can (and have) done this either by manually inserting a column on the TB and linking to it or by using the Journal facility to enter the column, with some dummy numbers. But waht I can't see is how you can enter formulae via the journal window, whihc would be the quickest? Maybe I'm missing something.



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Have you tried clicking on the cell in the TB to contain the tax provision, clicking Sigma and going to the tax computation and clicking on the relevant cell there?

To make the computation automatic you will have to reverse the process by clicking on a cell in the computation, clicking Sigma and picking up the corresponding cell in the TB.

I hope I've not missed something.


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