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I wonder, is it possible to instruct VT accounts to print a small jpg or pdf of the firm's logo in, say, the corner of each page of the accounts? 


you could

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use software such as fineprint to achieve this.  The output is to printer or a pdf.  This is what we do... if you want a demo please provide an email address.



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Free Watermark in Excel/VT Accounts

BirdnCo | | Permalink

We use this that just an add on in Excel but works extremely well and it's free!

Details can be found here



VT accounts and watermark software

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Having clicked on Petes posted link and read the "Use License Agreement" I note that this is only free for home use.  Is Pete saying the commercial license is also free or is he using the software illegally?


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Licence Agreement

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Just to clarify, there was no licence agreement when I downloaded my copy a few years ago, so to clarify my position I have emailed Orlando regarding the continued use.

My advice therefore is for anyone who downloads this and uses it accordingly to do the same.

My apologies for this post, but it was done in good faith.


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How much

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Pete,  would be interested to hear what their response/pricing is?

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Excel Watermark Licence

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I have received an email and quote it below:


Dear Pete,Thanks for your interest in Printed Watermark for Excel. Public or private companies need to purchase use license for their internal use that costs US$ 20.00 for companies with until 25 computers. For companies with more than 25 computers, add US$ 0.50 each plus computer. The license is forever to use the utility as is in the site. The payment can be done thru PayPal provider (www.paypal.com) in this account:Recipient's Email: [email protected]Amount: 20.00 + (n>25)*(n-25)*0.50Currency:  U.S. DollarsCategory of Purchase: ServiceEmail Subject: Your emailNote: ExcelWatermark use license Regards, Orlando

I shall certainly be obtaining such a licence. I can also recommend this as I have tried and used it for quite a while.


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Thanks Pete.

I have only just joined the

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I have only just joined the forum- so I was very happy to see such an important topic as this already in action - so thank you.

Do VT software engineers go on these forums?

I am PC illiterate, but on my gmail, in settings, I have a URL link - it just takes my logo from my website and sticks it under my signature. My friend that did my website sent me the URL link and I just put it in there.

Sounds a lot simpler than this US licensing etc...How do you get hold of a VT software engineer to suggest putting this functionality in ??






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