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Monthly Accounts

Is there any way of running monthly P&L a/cs from VT T+, 12 collumns plus total for year? (along the lines of the reports that are so easy to run from QuickBooks and so difficult from Sage).

(Suggestions that involve exporting to columns of an external Excel file or something sililar, are not what I a looking for)


Monthly management accounts in VT

fpdbookkeeping | | Permalink

Likewise, I'm looking to see if something similar can be done also. I was wondering if anyone does a template for VT final accounts, that will import the data from VT transaction plus.

Currently I am producing monthly management accounts for a client and am having to cut and past the data into excell, which is time consuming.

If there is any way of getting it to do a cash flow report, that would be useful also.

Importing into VT Final Accounts

Markaccplus | | Permalink

Have you read the help files/instructions?  VT does this with a couple of clicks of the buttons at the top of the VT addin screen in excel.

Monthly management accounts in VT

fpdbookkeeping | | Permalink

Hi, thanks for your response. Which buttons exactly? I have had a look round but couldn't find anything. When I referred to the "help" file for VT it gives you the following:

"Creating a set of accounts linked to VT Transaction from scratch can be a very considerable amount of work and requires a good knowledge of how VT Final Accounts works. It only makes sense in two circumstances:

 1. Management accounts are required for a business month after month; or

 2. You intend to use the workbook as a template for several different clients or companies."

I'll be honest, my knowledge of database programming is workable, but not advanced, and I could waste a lot of time trying to learn it, which is why I was wondering if there was a pre set up template I could download anywhere.

Thank you.


Accounts from T+ to VT FA

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its quite straightforward - if you have closed the year off in T+ then open FA and fill in the company information prompt sheet then (in my copy) immediately under the tab label "add-ins" you will find a button "get balances from VT" - follow the instructions there (it will guide you to the correct file) and the information copies straight across

hope that's useful

-- JohnB


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Hi. Not sure if you have misunderstood what I was asking. I know how to get the data into Final accounts for Statutory purposes.

I've tried that and it gives you the information needed for stat accounts (which you would expect) but it doesn't give an option for monthly management accounts (ie a detailed line by line P&L for each of the 12 months for comparative purposes to track increase/decrease in sales etc). There is no option for that anywhere, and it isn't information that transaction + will give either (although it can show an individual P&L for a 1 month period). As I understood the literature, monthly management accounts don't come as standard with the package (it referres in the help to having to use a custom designed template). I wonder if it is beyond its limits, or whether anyone has found a way of doing this. Strange that it should be able to set up cost centres, but can't do monthly comparatives.

Thank you.

Monthly management accounts

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As well as these I would like to construct monthly cashflow reports, but surely others out there must have produced some templates?

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