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Playing catch-up with iXBRL

Belatedly, now that the P35 rush is behind me, I am turning my attention to iXBRL.
Firstly, I have to upgrade my VT accounts. No problem, except that I am still on Excel 2000 and as I have discovered, I need 2002 or later.
I thought the simplest thing would be to get Excel 2010, only to find it won't install on my ageing hardware.
As I would like a short-term fix and invest in new hardware later my thought is to acquire Excel 2002.
However, I have looked at Amazon and Ebay only to find it is not available.
Does anyone know where I can get Excel 2002 or do I really have to bite the bullet and to be iXBRL compliant get a new PC as well?
Thanks in advance for your advice.
Kind regards


Try searching for Microsoft Office 2002

bstock | | Permalink

Excel 2002 by itself is hard to find but there are plenty of copies of office 2002 or 2003 about on ebay.

Good Luck


KELVINSMITH | | Permalink

Hi -Another alternative is MS Office 2003 - there are several copies of this on Amazon.



Thanks guys

andypartridge | | Permalink

Managed to get MS Office Professional 2003 (new/unopened) from Ebay for £48.
Kind regards

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