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Practical advice when producing final accounts

I thought I would alert the group to an interesting conversation that is developing in Any Answers in response to a post from a member who was experiencing difficulties when outputting accounts after posing journals while the Autohide feature was activated.

The results show up as apparent mistakes in the accounts, where blanked headings do not show up on the balance sheet and throw it out of balance. While this is a case of the user needing to remember the risks of the display setting they were using, I notice that another thread here concerned andypartridge's bugbear with VTT+ accounts.

Because of the Corporation Tax iXBRL change next April, there's going to be a lot of attention on automating final accounts in the next few months and I wondered if members here have any practical advice or general observations they can offer other users.

Please note - if a lot of good information comes forward, I may well use it in future articles on accounts production and VT. Thanks in advance...

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