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Problem copying & pasting into Excel - help please!

I don't seem to be able to copy & paste a displayed account listing from VTT+ into Excel any more.  I haven't done this for a couple of months but I'm sure I used to just display the report, click on the spreadsheet button, then copy & paste.  I checked the VT website & it seems to suggest that this feature is still possible but I can't do it.  When I paste in Excel I get text with lots of little squares where there should be a column breaks.  I know I could fiddle around & split the columns but surely it ought to be easier than that.  Am I missing something obvious? 

I'm still using Excel 2003 by the way & wonder whether that's got something to do with it?  Or maybe the recent iXBRL upgrades?

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it's OK

mr. mischief | | Permalink

It's OK for me.  I have put through the latest upgrade and use excel 2003 because some of my clients still use it.

So it may well be nothing to do with either of those things.

OK with me as well

martynover | | Permalink

I find it works fine if you right click somewhere in the account you want to copy. This gives you the option to change to spreadsheet view. Select this. Then click the top left hand box (under what looks like a light bulb). Page should now change blue. Right click somewhere in the page again and select Copy. This will place it into clipboard. Open excel and paste.

Everything seems OK this morning...

MrsG | | Permalink

... that old trick of switching everything off & then back on again has worked!  Sorry to trouble you & thank you for your reassurances that it should still work, but I was in a right panic last night, as you can probably imagine...

That's amazing..

bstock | | Permalink

... never thought you could do this with VT+, I like this programme more and more.

Just one thing though, when I paste into excell all seems well except the date column is populated with a series of ###'s instead of the date.  I did follow all the precise instructions from martynover

Am I doing something wrong?

Pasting into excel - try expanding the column

Kim Harden | | Permalink

The xxxxx is probably a result of the column width not being big enough - try resizing the column and this should fix it.

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Well I never!!!!!

nigelburge | | Permalink

You learn something new every day - many thanks to the OP. 

and BTW, the reason for the ######s is that the column is too small to display all its contents. Just double click on the right hand top edger of the cell and it will automatically resize.

DOH!!!! -should have known that

bstock | | Permalink

Thanks Kim & Nigelburge, don't know why I always try to complicate the obvious, you can probably tell I'm a casual user of excel.


from vt transaction

Tosie | | Permalink

Am I correct in thinking that it is not possible to copy from vt transaction into excel or from excel into vt transaction ?

Many thanks



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