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Recurring transactions

Is anyone aware if there is a way to set up recurring transactions in VT so that they pop up at the right time?

I am aware that existing transactions can be copied but that requires:

- remembering that the entry needs making (I am using VT for the day to day bookkeeping)

- finding the previous entry

- copying it

- saving it

- going back into it to edit the amount if necessary (which cannot be done within the copy window).


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I would....

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If for a constant amount i.e bank loan/HP etc. Then the way I do it is to post the 1st transaction and use the copy function to create the rest all at the outset. I.e create the 60 monthly HP payments at the outset. It isn't too much trouble subsequently delete or amend them should the amounts stop or change.

I do this for a client who has approx 100 HP's and I have a different account set up for each HP so that it makes it easier for me to control. I use the copy so I don't have to remember which account each payment goes to.

If I had only a couple of HP's I probably wouldn't copy them all in one go but just post them straight from the bank statement each month using the batch payment & receipt screen.

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