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Saving VT accounts in excel 2010 32bit new to VT so please humour me


I have a problem saving my VT spreadsheets when I have finished working on the accounts and I save the workbook. I get an error message about format and saving changes. 

When I open it again it keeps the manual posting in ETB  but I lose all the headings,dates and company data that has been populated how do I get around this?

Am I just being thick?

I'm not great with technology


VT problem

benny1210 | | Permalink

so on one else has had this problem?


benny1210 | | Permalink

VT have told me that it is probably my Excel?

has anyone else had the problem I am really stuck as I cannot complete any accounts with current set up and I have a lot of CT600s that need submitting and I can't prepare the accompanying paperwork. I am beginning to think that I should have stuck with IRIS it was expensive yes but at least the problems and queries got sorted straight away.

What version of excel are you using

shenker | | Permalink

No problems.

agburton | | Permalink

Just submitted CT600 in iXBRL using VT. I do have Excel 2010, though. 

in the meantime

pauljohnston | | Permalink

if you have an older version of excel you can install this along side the 2010 version.  Try opening the spreadsheet in the older version.

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Saving VT in Excel

remhonps | | Permalink

We are using Excel 2010 - no problems.

Saving VT

martynover | | Permalink

Never had a problem saving VT even after switching to Excel 2010.

Just a thought - I believe opening the iXBRL file in Excel can corrupt the file.


benny1210 | | Permalink

thanks to VT for sorting the issue

the file settings in excel were set to save as ods

Open Document Spreadsheet format (.ods)

vtsoftware | | Permalink

I have spoken to benny1210 and it turns out that his Excel was saving files by default in Open Document Spreadsheet (.ods) format. This loses a lot of data. There is a setting in File>Options>Save to change this back to .xlsx format.

No doubt this feature is useful for some (well done Microsoft), but as always one man's feature is another man's support call.

Philip Hodgson
VT Software

Well done Philip

tltodman | | Permalink

Always great to see the software providers pro-actively supporting their users!

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