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Is there a search function in VT Transaction+?

I want to search for a transaction based on its amount. Can I do this in VTT+?



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Hi Stefan - Copy what into Excel?  The whole ledger?

If you know the type of transaction

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If you know if it's a payment or receipt, you can use the transaction list/daybook or the transaction report shows everything between dates.  Display what you want on the screen and then edit, copy and paste.  Good luck.


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Yes, that is a good point. I suppose one just has to put a little more thought into what one is looking for.

Thank you, both of you. 

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Bank Rec

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One of my staff commented it would be nice to have a search function in the bank rec as sometimes it hard to find the transaction on screen if there are many. There is such a function in sage. May be a recomendation for after ixbrl is done if anyone at VT is watching?

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Yes i would like to import transaction dates as well.

VT Cash books

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Hi all,

I posted the following into the 'any answers' forum but wanted to add a further question.


Is it possible to search by 'payee' or report by 'payee' - I often get a call asking did you receive my cheque X months ago.




Hi all,

I have been an avid spreadsheet user for the last ten or so years, developing my Excel skills as and when needed.

Due to a number of factors I have decided now is the time to move over to a more tailored package which enforces the correct way of entering data.

The question I have, is should you be entering a separate payee for each person paid or just put a generic 'Payment' in the payee field?

The reason I ask, is part of the speed entering with VT Cashbooks is achieved through memory of previous payee's - if this is then cluttered with hundreds of different selections it defeats the purpose.

I had thought about using the note field but this doesn't appear visible in the 'entering transactions' menu, only in account summary.





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