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transfer from vt transaction to vt accounts

Thanks to help received from members of this group I am now happy using VT. thanks for all the help given.

My main problem with it now is that when I use the vt transaction to prepare the accounts I have to close the transaction program down before I can up date. Am I missing something.

e.g I enter payments and receipts through the vt transaction, then transfer balances to accounts. The proram seems to insist that I close the transaction down before I can do the transfer. I then need to open it up again to do journal entries, close it down then up-date.

I am sure that I doing something wrong but what ?

thanks a lot for any input.


Journal from the accounts part

wardandco | | Permalink

You can journal from the accounts program, both in normal classic style or as a TB style - far right of the icon bar and you can click on accounts and drill down to get info as if you were in the the book-keeping side - it takes a bit of getting used to but all the info is there.


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thacca | | Permalink

Yes there are various buttons on the tool bar for entering transactions. You can also open the VT transation file from the toolbar. You do have to close it again however before working back on the Accounts file.

Another Tip: I also discovered recently that by double clicking items in the accounts workbook. It drills down to the underlying transactions.

thank you

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Thank you both for your responses most helpful.

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