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Are there any online tutorials for VT+    VT Transaction  ?




i've searched and searched the web but have'nt found any

apex11 | | Permalink

can VT or any budding spielbergs make any?

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This is one weakness of VT

FirstTab | | Permalink

VT help notes are okay. I find the lack of tutorials (videos) is one of the few weakness of VT.

It really does not cost that much to make the videos and put them on their websites. Why is VT not doing this?

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Doesn't need to be a video - unless it has subtitles

ProBowlUK | | Permalink

I have printed the User Manual.

Although it is easy to read,  to me (never having used any accounts software) it seems to assume you are a QuickBooks or SAGE jockey before you start.


User guide

vtsoftware | | Permalink

The user guide was aimed at users with little accounting knowledge and no knowledge of other packages is required (a Sage user probably has preconceptions that are a positive hindrence when using VT Transaction+).

You can read the user guide at http://www.vtsoftware.co.uk/support/tranplusguide.pdf

The user guide is identical to to the help topics. They are both produced by the same document authoring tool.

VT Transaction+ itself was written on the presumption that many users do not look at the help topics/user guide.

Sorry, but we have no plans to do video style tutorial.

Thank You

acornman | | Permalink

Just a note to thank BigBadWolf (and of course Ray Stewart) for sharing these with us.

It's good timing as, having gained a working knowledge of VT cashbook & liking it, we're considering moving forward with VT+ etc.

Thanks again

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