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I am getting a little concerned about VT and the lack of information being sent to the customers.
I have a single user licence which allows me to install on a number of pc’s so long as I am the only user which is the case.

At the end of March I downloaded the March edition of the final accounts ( ixbrl version) following email notification from VT. A few days later I downloaded at my home PC and it had become March Version 2.

Yesterday I downloaded on my laptop and it now April version. Obviously new versions of the software are being released but without us the customers being informed. Should we not be notified to upgrade?
In the next few weeks there could me more upgrades and I will not know about this. I would suggest that VT inform all customers every time there is an upgrade with summary of the changes.


Automatic Checking

ianlea | | Permalink

My VT Final Accounts installation checks every couple of weeks whether there is an upgrade to install.  I have picked up both the latest upgrades this way.

The changes have been minor

vtsoftware | | Permalink

We only send out an email for major updates. Every two weeks the software prompts you to check for updates. You can check at any other time by clicking on the Check Version button in the New Accounts Workbook dialog. Alternatively , you can visit http://www.vtsoftware.co.uk/support/vtfchanges.htm This page lists all changes.

In the new iXBRL world we plan to fix bugs very quickly and have lots of minor updates, but we do not wish to inundate users with emails.

Philip Hodgson
VT Software


agburton | | Permalink

I am a fan of VT, both VT transaction + and Final Accounts, and the iXBRL implementation seems pretty good so far - well, at least I've successfully produced one set of tagged accounts!

But I didn't know this about minor updates not being emailed - I for one would prefer it if an email weas always sent out - its still not going to be an enormous number of emails in the grand scheme of things.

Thank you for you comments. However?

Martin B | | Permalink

The practical problem as far as I can see is that as a result of these regular changes to the versions, we need to keep a track of 'in which version' we have produced a new work book.

Problem is that then when we come to do the year end routine b/f rollover into next year, is not effective and we have to start from scratch because of the changes in new versions.

So as a result from now I will have to start a new wook book every year and not use rollover . Have I missed something?


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