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Has anyone developed VT Final Accounts to produce lead schedules. 

The trouble is that with VT updating twice a year, any excel work usually only lasts fro six months, which hardky makes it worthwhile.

What we have done in the past is to set up a standard ETB and then Used the Original/Final/Difference between the two to produce the lead schedules for the balance Sheet categories.  But with the new updates then you lose your templates etc.

Any other ideas.  Obviously we do know about naming of templates etc, and we already link to Tax Computations and a summary - it is just the lead schedules which defeat us at present and would be nice to send to the larger client.

We use VT in conjunction with tax Calc, so there is no conflict between the two.


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A real gap in VT

Malcolm Veall | | Permalink

I only moved to VT last year & love ther product but having to manually generate or fiddle about with cut-paste for lead schedules is a pain. 


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