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VT Integration / API for C# .NET etc

Hi All,


We are a software company that has been helping software developers/business owners integrate VT data into their applications and vice versa.  And currently due to the nature of VT Flat Data file, only 1 connection to this file is possible so integration poses certain drawbacks especially for networked applications requiring read/write access.

To overcome this we are researching the market viability of modifications to be able to allow multiple users to read/write data to the VT file over the network etc at the same time.  We already have a functioning prototype, but i would like to test the market (as it were) before making some 'tweaks'.

I would be extremely grateful if any of you here could tell us if this would be a product you would like to see and use.

Please Note:  We are not affiliated in anyway with VT Software, we are a solely independent software engineering company.  The features mentioned are to integrate with VTs software product only and are not to be confused with VT softwares own feature requests and updates.

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Ray Stewart | | Permalink

This is something that would certainly be of interest to us - depending on price of course!


pdh666 | | Permalink

I would most definately be interested in this.

Please advise when there is any news on a potential release etc.






amarshah69 | | Permalink

i would be very interested in this ..ofcourse cost would be a major factor though

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