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VT not exporting to tax package for Ltd companies

When trying to export to accounts package the message coming up is "cannot send accounts data for a company".  How do you correct this?

Meanwhile the sole trader information is being exported.


Don't export!

Brads.Kings | | Permalink

Company returns do not include accounts information, so VT corrrectly does not permit exporting the data.

Just attach PDF of accounts to corporation tax return.

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Turnover & Profit

thacca | | Permalink

the only info that CT Returns require from accounts are Turnover & Profits. Easy to enter these two figures manually. Although a bit of a pain if it's a moving figure. BTC's corp tax product can inport turnover & profit from a VT Final Accounst File. But time savings is small.

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a random thought

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It would have been easier for HMRC to require accounts data in a CT Return rather than inventing ixbrl.

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Not really

GaryMc | | Permalink

It wouldn't have solved the problems that they are trying to fix.  iXBRL gives them the ability to analyse the data as it comes in.  Under the current system, someone has to print out the computation to see what is in it and then re key any information so that HMRC's risk rules can be run against it.

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not that it matters as a major point of discussion as we are getting IXBRL. But if the CT600 had all the Account Boxes similar to the Individual/Partnership Self Assessment Tax Returns then HMRC would have the number without rekeying. This would have been simpler than iXBRL surely??

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