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VT Transaction + Built in Templates - Design Service

For anyone wanting to add their own look and feel to the VT Transaction + built in templates I am now offering a design service as I know VTT do not offer this service. I believe I have mastered the templates enough to be-able to offer this service.

I am able to modify the built in templates to add extra text or re-arrange fields to put your own touch to them making them different from the standard forms. Please remember that I cannot do the impossible. I can only work within the limits of the software but I can make very nice looking forms that look totally different to the standard format.

The charge is £35.00 per template fixed fee. For multiple templates across the program I will discuss a discount.

Remember that to complete template changes I will need a backup of your data and until the template is finished you will not be-able to use the program.

If anyone is interested drop me an email:

Stefan Clarkson
Stedia Bookkeeping
Email:  stefan@stedia.net




Can you apply the same to VT final accounts?

SSmithCA | | Permalink

And design us an LLP template?!? I think you would have a lot of followers if you did.


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LLP Template

Bolebrook1 | | Permalink

I agree that there is more to the problem than meets the eye. I have found that the capital accounts are the hardest to sort out and in the end I reverted to typing rather than automation.

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