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Just starting a new thread about VT support. I am currently trialling VTT+ and have fired a few questions at them via both email and telephone.  Victoria Frazer always comes back to me lightning quick with answers to the questions that I put and I have to say that I impressed with the speed and courtesy of the same.

So, so far, it's a thumbs up to support therefore I thought I would take the time to start this thread about it.


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I Agree...

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Hi Stefan,

I have to say that I've only ever spoken to Victoria myself, and she seems very quick at returning calls on the couple of occasions that I've called. I have been using VTT+ for a number of years, and I've never yet had to ask a technical question.

It helps having other AW members on hand of course, and the help files in VTT+ are pretty good at answering most common problems.

I used to use Sage, and I'm so pleased that I switched! It makes my job so much easier!



I agree too.....

Hi Paul,

I also agree that VTT+ is far, far far easier to use than any Sage product I have ever used in my life and I have used alot of them starting back in the eighties with Sage Sterling DOS. I only ask why I could not have found VTT sooner. Grrrr!

The more I use VTT+ the more I am falling in love with it. It is going to speed my processing up tremendously and save me oodles of time.  I am not sure that I would like to let a non-bookkeeper or novice use it as I dare say for someone who does not know what they are doing mistakes could be easily made (but also easily corrected :-)

Particulalrly for CIS tax deductions; the entry is a breeze right there in the very same transaction.  With Sage I would have had to exit and create a credit note, post it and then allocate it and when there are a lot of these transactions it becomes a very real bore to say the least. Drives me bonkers!

My mind is made up now. Another definate VTT fan here and I can assure you that I am in no way connected with VT. Just another happy user. I cannot wait to kick Sage out of the window. Will have to wait a few weeks now until the fiscal year is over. I am looking forward to using VTT in the new fiscal year :-) (Very much)

I cannot beleive that I am saying that I am actually looking forward to using accounts software. The same cannot be said of Sage. Sometimes with Sage it drove me so mad I could have sat and banged my head on the desk. It is so cumbersome in many areas that it becomes depressing. Save to say that I am in no way a fan of Sage.



CIS tax deduction

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Hi Stefan,

I also like VT.  It is great.

Could you please tell me how to enter the CIS tax deduction in one go?

I use a slow method. I start by entering the subcontractor (supplier) invoice, then a notional credit note, and finally the payment.





I would be happy to share that information with you. It is also in the help pages if you search for CIS you will find it :-)

When entering a CIS invoice you need to follow these principles (the below is only a typical example of a CIS transaction with VAT):

So say you are entering an invoice for £100.00 worth of work (plus VAT). You would enter your transaction as follows:

Total    Output VAT   Net

97.50    17.50          80.00

Why?  Because you take the tax off the net amount (above example based on 20%) but the VAT remains the same on the £100.00. It looks wrong but is correct.

In the Analysis section you would enter the following:

Amount        Analysis Ledger     Analysis Account

100.00         Income                  Fees

You will be left with the £20.00 difference as a minus balance. Simply post this as follows:

-20.00         Debtors                 HMRC (CIS Tax)


HOPE THIS HELPS! When entering alot of CIS stuff that will save oodles of time.

In the Set Up>Accounts>All dialog, the Income: Fees (or whatever account you want to use) account should be set to within the scope of VAT and the Debtors: HMRC (CIS)  account set to outside the scope of VAT (they should be set to this by default). This ensures that the net value of the transaction in the VAT return is correctly stated (£100 in the above example). Please also note that the Debtors: HMRC (CIS) account is not a standard account and needs to be set up by the user.



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Hi Stefan,

Many thanks for the info.  Consulted the help pages as well.  Very clear.


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