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iXBRL Basics help!


I have agreed to help out a friend submitting their end of year limited company accounts for 31/03/2011.  The year end was extended from 30/11/2010 to 31/03/2011, and we have to get them over to CH by August 24th.  First question is...do they need to be submitted online?  I assume that they do, which we had no problem with until....i learnt about iXBRL.

I worked in practice for 10 years, but unfortunately that was over 10 years ago itself so I am really out of date when it comes to submitting accounts etc as I haven't done it for so long.  I assumed that we could submit the accounts via Companies House web filing system and then just submit the corporation tax form online via the HMRC website.  Is it not as simple as that because of iXBRL?

Someone please enlighten me.


Many thanks




No need to submit to CH online

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Hi David

The accounts do not need to be submitted to Comapnies House online, they can be filed as paper copy.

Filing with HMRC must be done online and in this case the accounts must be attached to the Corporation Tax return in iXBRL format.  Remember that 2 returns will be needed because of the extension to the accounting period.

I take it that your friend is planning to do this himself, with your help?  Why does he/you want the hassle? - Just a thought.


HMRC free software

Norts1985 | | Permalink

Thank you for your reply.

From doing a bit more research I understand that the accounts can be produced via HMRC free software in an iXBRL format, is this correct?

Yes I will be helping him out purely because he does not have the money available to pay the fees of an accountant.

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Yes, you can use HMRC's own online iXBRL software

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and it's okay, if a bit clunky. -- KH

Coho webfiling

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Although there is no mandatory requirement to file online with Companies House, if in any doubt use their webfiling service.


Not only is it speedier and more secure but saves on paper and postage costs.

Stewart Hardy

Hypercube Consultancy Ltd

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