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Online filing & 64-8's

Now that online filing is to become compulsory, will the online submission of Corporation tax returns still be rejected if a 64-8 is not in place.

We still have problems getting 64-8's processed, and if this happens we submit the CT600 on paper. Will they still accept online CT's even if no 64-8, as currently happens with Self Assessments?


Only available via commerical software?

Nicki Sanday | | Permalink

So far as I am aware a filing-only service for CT is available via commerical software only at the moment, but I don't know if there are any plans to change this.

64-8 not necessary when using 3rd Party software, but a YES when

kobus | | Permalink

Been told by HMRC that if using 3rd party software, the 64-8 Authorisation NOT necessary. But if using HMRC's software then it's a YES.  

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