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Sage XBRL tagging software

Have you used Sage's XRBL tagging software, powered by Onesource using accounts prepared in word. What do you think?

The software is here

Go to and log in. Then go to "support and training". Then under "software support" and "find support by software" select "sage xbrl tagging" from the drop down list. Under the "news" tab click "sage xbrl tagging" This takes you to a list of download options. I suggest you download them all. The software expires on 31/12/2011. Remember that you need to have permision from Sage. We have sage accounts production standard and sage included it in our package free.

It may, but I do not know, come as free with other packages. I think sage included it to help us, after the problems they had with the delay in revising sage accounts production standard to include xbrl tagging within its programme (not as a separate programme as tagging with onesource from word files is), which is due to be released on 31/03/2011.

What do you think of it?


XBRL Software

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Easy drag-drop facility of data Specify Currency, XBRL Software  Precision for each element Footnotes for each element. Utilise same footnote for multiple elements.

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