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Hiring and firing - give us a chance

So the Liberals are upsetting the Tories and rocking the marriage with Vince Cable's comments about hiring and firing culture. The previous government wrecked small business employment with a raft of rules and regulations that are designed to throttle employment by SMEs and fits nicely with their "grab what you can from other people" attitude.

I know of a number of SMEs who are most selective with their employment policies and many who won't employ at all.

SMEs nearly always have a personal relationship of some sort with their staff and rules destroy the common sense and balnce that prevails in these firms, creating a climate of suspicion , distrust and "us and them" - most unhealthy. We don't need rules - keep them for faceless and impersonal plc's

Finally we get some common sense and a senior government man tries to play it down . Perhaps Mr Cable is scared for his own job hence the squealing.....


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Getting the balance right

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It is so difficult to protect people from the bad 'uns that exist on both sides of the equation.

There are employees who know how to manipulate an employer into a tribunal situation, and there are also some appalling employers who completely disregard all legislation and treat their employees as disposable assets (or worse). Unfortunately, where there is high unemployment, these employers can still get decent employees who are desperate for a job and some employers do not even worry about putting their employees lives at risk.

As usual, it is the decent ones that come off the worst, as they are the ones who comply with all the red tape (and the costs involved) intended to temper the bad 'uns, while the bad 'uns carry on ignoring it and are never brought to task until somebody dies ... and even then they seem to get off pretty lightly because they know how to cover their tracks or 'persuade' other employees to lie for them.

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Bad 'uns are not put off by legislation. They find ways around and pick on their staff selectively to minimise odds of a claim but they can never guarantee it won't happen.

The trouble is , given the balance of bad employees versus bad employers, the employer is a sitting duck for a claim. The balance is always tilted against the employer and employees can call the employer's bluff whilst happily moved on to a new job.

Most claims are for failing to follow procedure but it is precisely becasue the rules are

convoluted that procedures are not followed. They rules suck (as the say)

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