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ABN AMRO strengthens ties with Hamilton Bradshaw



ABN AMRO Commercial Finance has provided Hamilton Bradshaw, one of the world’s top 50 recruitment companies, with a £19m global facility for its staffing sector investment fund, Human Capital Investment Group. The Receivables Finance facility incorporates Confidential Invoice Discounting and a Cashflow Loan, and will enable the Human Capital Investment Group to release the equity required in order to grow.

James Caan, CEO of Hamilton Bradshaw, believes the facility is a vital factor in enabling his company to continue its acquisition programme. “As a private equity firm we have long been aware of the benefits of including asset-based lending within the funding mix,” he says. “With ABN AMRO Commercial Finance’s help we have been able to replace significant portions of equity with funding that is revolving and sustainable.”

The loan builds upon an already sturdy relationship between Hamilton Bradshaw and ABN AMRO Commercial Finance, who worked closely with the recruitment company to create a bespoke financial package that best suited its ambitions. “This type of facility isn’t traditionally offered by asset-based lenders, but we are always keen on being flexible to support great businesses,” says Patrick Wilkins, Sales Director at ABN AMRO Commercial Finance. “This package will create financial headroom by freeing up extra resources.”




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