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Inheritance tax exemption for multiple spouses

As a tax adviser I'm stumped by a problem that's just arisen in my family.  It's well known that if the first spouse to die doesn't use all his/her IHT exemption on death, the unused proportion can be claimed against the estate of the subsequent death of the spouse.

 My aunt has just died, having outlived two previous husbands.  The first husband's left part of his estate to his sister, using up about half of his inheritance tax exemption, and the other half to his wife, my aunt.  The second husband died leaving everything to my aunt.  Which husband do I consider when advising on how much of the husband's unused IHT exemption can be used on my aunt's death.

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Only one bite at the cherry

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Can use both...

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another good idea

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Thanks for everyone's advice.

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As a supplemetary question

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