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Are You a Milton Keynes Accountant Looking for Rent Free Offices and Marketing Help?

Ideally suited to a startup, work from home or small office based practice that wants to grow. I can offer you rent free and subsidised rent of modern highly visible roadside offices until you have enough clients to pay for it, plus unique marketing support.

Offices are modern, fully furnished, highly branded and visible to passing traffic (unique for Milton Keynes!) with plenty of nearby free parking. Plenty of room for expansion and no long term commitment required.

I will also pay the upfront marketing costs and arrange all marketing for you on an ongoing basis such as print ads, sales letters, flyers, postcards, press releases, niche markets, e-newsletters, great website, search engine optimisation and online marketing. You will only reimburse me if it generates more annual recurring fees than it costs!

All copy writing, design costs such as website design, graphic design of print ads, etc are provided free, never recharged to you. You will only be recharged direct costs such as the cost of placing an ad if it works.

You get an experienced Chartered Accountant and accountancy marketer on your side and the deal is risk free to you. You only pay a very reasonable rent for the premises and the direct marketing costs if it works. My return will be 10% of the ongoing annual fees generated.

You ideally need to be a Chartered Accountant or similar with good all round skills focusing on regular accounts and tax services for the small business market. You need to be open to new ideas, use unique USP’s and committed to going the extra mile for clients.

If this is of interest please PM me.