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Fee block to purchase

We are a small firm specializing in CIS accounts. Our experience has shown that dealing with subcontractor clients (on CIS) can be a nightmare- Firstly, because their business can be quite fickle; they start and stop their contract or employment at any time, especially in the present economic climate. Secondly, they can be quite temperamental, not to mention their record keeping abilities. Thirdly, they always appear to want their tax refund like yesterday. We are conscious that with new tight deadlines for filing looming, a lot of practitioners will be looking to review their portfolio of such clients. Nevertheless, we are seeking expansion and looking forward to purchase a block of fees of approx £50k, more or less. We would like to hear from any practice which has CIS subcontractor clients and are interested to sell, either because they do not fit in your business plan or you are disposing your practice- whatever the reasons.

We will consider all options regardless of the quality of the clients as we provide a nationwide service. If interested, please send us an email at st12@hotmail.co.uk  with the details of your proposals. We are also interested to hear from any practice disposal agencies that specialize in this area.

Thank you.