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Free up your time and create extra income for your practice

The Practice Organizer and A4G Improve and Grow

The Practice Organizer is the result of years of systemising an accountancy practice. It contains 40 key roles that exist within every accountancy practice.

Each member of staff has access to their roles via a staff page available on their desktop. Based in word and Excel this system is one that can be moulded very easily to your practice.

The benefits are:

Better leverage and therefore improved profit

Frees up your time with less reliance on partners & senior members of staff

Makes delegation of complex tasks easier

A4G Improve and Grow contains 39 improve and grow sessions that are designed to bridge the credibility gap that many accountants face when trying to provide higher value services to clients.

Each session is jargon free and question driven and allows the client to create their own action plan for their business. We have created £1000's of extra fees from existing clients using these products.

Each product is available separately.

If you are interested in any of these please email or ring 01474 853856 for a FREE demonstration.

Will Wood