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How to get a job interview Mark II

A HALF DAY SEMINAR: "EXPERT GUIDE: How to get a job interview and how to enhance getting the job at the interview: Mark II"

In my earlier article entitled "Expert Guide: How to get a job interview" featured on this site on 14th December I provided a very shortened account of some of my research findings on how potential employers sift written cvs.

Following the article I was somewhat inundated with emails asking various questions relating to cv drafting and submission. A not insignificant number of emailers also were interested in ascertaining, once an interview had been obtained, how they might go about maximising their chances of getting the particular job.

In view of the surprising number of hits the article attracted and in view of subsequent interest I am contemplating putting on a half day seminar in early 2002 at which I will look at this topic in a little more detail.

I envisage the seminar will be highly interactive and I would welcome any thoughts anyone might have as to the issues I might address.

However, before proceeding I would like to gauge the likely interest from those who might be interested in attending such a seminar. There will, of course, be no obligation to actually attend if interest is shown.

Instead of charging a normal commercial rate I would envisage a fee for the half day of circa £125.

If therefore you might be interested in attending please simply email me using the address at the bottom simply typing "INTERESTED IN SEMINAR".