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Removed Opportunities Posts

You may have noticed that, recently, a number of posts in this section of AccountingWEB have been moderated. To ensure an informative level of transparency and to assure any posters whose material has been removed that it does not impact negatively on their profile. Opportunities posts have always been tricky to define clearly and we are working to make the whole system a lot more user-friendly and easy to navigate & digest.

Currently, Opportunities is for the sharing of information regarding work opportunities for accountants. This is mostly limited to details of blocks of fees that posters may wish to request / pass on and notices of availability / requests for sub-contract work linked to a limited-time contract. Examples of what is not appropriate include adverts for full or part-time on-going employment, general company / practitioner services and private sales of goods / services. Anything that falls under these last few categories is likely to be removed without warning. Everything here is also covered in the updated terms & conditions.

If you have any queries or feedback, please feel free to contact me or the rest of the AccountingWEB team. You can also get in touch if you want to ask about more formal advertising opportunities.



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