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Yorkshire-Can any one do me a favour?

I wonder if you could possibly help me, and hopefully me help you a little.
I would very much like to start studying taxation (probably ATT initially). Howver, I am currently finding it difficult to find an appropriate place conducive to study, and consequently to get into any kind of routine.
As a CIMA qualified accountant, I wondered if you could possibly use an extra pair of hands, for Book-Keeping/Management Accounts Preparation/Payroll, on a voluntary basis, possibly one day a week? In return, I would ask you to consider allowing me desk space (and use of any tax manuals you may have), for a second day of the week for me to study.

Having just (disappontingly) been knocked back, I feel it is important that I point one thing out. Having been unable to secure suitable employment, I have recently had a website developed with the hope that I could secure an adequate income, from book-keeping, and "bog standard" tax reurns, on a self-employed basis. At the time of writing the website is number one on a google search of "Doncaster Accountants", but this varies on a daily basis.

I do not know the power of advertising on the internet, but I do not think that the wbsite should be seen as a threat. At 49 years of age, I am not going to pull up any trees, and if anything, should any work arise through the website, I will be looking to pass on. all but the simplest of jobs.
I appreciate this is a strange request, but is a genuine one, and of course, any tax exposure, would also be greatly appreciated.
Many thanks, and kind regards.

(07831) 916172 email accoladia@hotmail.co.uk