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Twitter can either be a handy business and networking tool or a waste of professional productivity, depending on your standpoint. 

One thing is certain about the social media website however and that is it's here to stay and play a perhaps increasing part in whatever industry you're in. 

An AccountingWEB member who recently embraced Twitter is mikesole, who set up an account for his practice. 

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shameless self promotion..

we're at @MoneysoftUK

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Some others to follow
Others to follow are @fcablog @taxbod and ahem ... @GaryMcC @DigitaTRTA

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Some more....
Hi Garry, fancy seeing you here....some more... @unslugged @jwgn @pbulpitt @adrianpear5on . @taxbod is brilliant. For controversial tweets on tax avoidance @richardmurphy #cough

Gareth (@TheHughesPship)

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Your off my Christmas Card List

Not even a mention of @curtisplumstone Gareth! I thought we had created something beautiful between us on twitter!


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I'm history!

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I'd recommend a lady called @rbeccabeneworth you may recognise her although she apparently never learned how to spell her name ;)

Andrew (@ataccounting)

Better Rebecca?

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thanks honey
Had to change spelling to fit it in. Feel sorry for daughter Elizabeth Mary Jane Benneyworth! Thanks anyway!

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@AbbeyTax for tax news

Is there something better than the official Twitter iPad app?

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Alternative Twitter apps

Tim Robinson wrote:

Is there something better than the official Twitter iPad app?

Hi Tim, 

I like TweetDeck, Hootsuite and Echofon (all are free). 

Hope this helps. 

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I curate some relevant lists on twitter, you can either follow them en masse or pick those on the list you want to follow individually. The first two lists each contain 400-500 names.

Accountants and tax bods - Tweeting UK accountants and tax advisers. (Tweeting firms are listed separately)

Accountancy firms - UK - UK accounting, tax and bookkeeping firms that tweet in the firm's name vs a real person's name

Accounting and tax bodies - UK only

Top UK tax views - Respected commentators who regularly post views re UK tax issues and policy

  If you think you should be added to one or other of the lists please TWEET me and I'll add you the next time I update them.   Despite my own enthusiastic use of twitter I do sympathise with @Carnmores view to a degree as those who have read my articles on the topic will understand. However much of the value and benefit accountants CAN get from twitter will depend upon who you choose to follow and how you choose to use it yourself.  More here>>>  Mark

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