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The size of your firm does not dictate good marketing practice, according to Paul Shrimpling.

Larger firms may have greater financial resources, but other than that the marketing playing field is relatively flat, he explained a marketing audit produced by Remarkable Practice from a survey of more than 100 accountancy firms.

The report identified referrals from clients and introducers, websites, networking and events as the most effective sources of new clients. Most firms shunned advertising and telemarketing.

Whether large or small, the most successful firms tracked and reviewed their sales and marketing activity on a regular basis - mostly monthly or weekly. The survey indicated that most partners could achieve more if they followed these leaders and were committed to marketing.

The Remarkable Practice marketing audit report is structured around statistical summaries of each marketing activity, identifying how many leads were generated by each, and presenting them alongside short, practical recommendations and suggestions for action.

The full article includes a short digest of findings on the top lead generation techniques:

  • Referrals
  • Websites and social media>
  • Events and networking

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