Review: Outdoor and Experiential Learning

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Title: Outdoor and Experiential Learning - An holistic and creative approach to Learning

Author: Andy Martin, Dan Franc, and Daniela Zounkov

Publisher: Gower

ISBN: 0-566-08628-X

Price: 49.50

Reviewer: Mike Taylor

If you are involved with experiential learning, whether with youngsters or managers, then this book will certainly speak to you, but whether you would find it was good use of 49.50 will depend on what you know already, and the degree of freedom you have to employ some of the approaches they describe. If you work with youngsters in a creative environment I would say it could be a "must buy" - although there may be nothing brand new for you, it does an excellent job of articulating what good learning is all about, and you get a raft of well described exercises to boot.

The book exp...

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