Tutorial: Sales analysis in Excel 2010/13, part 2

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This is the fourth part of our series looking at new tools for working with accounting data in Excel 2010 and 2013 and the second of two articles looking at the analysis of transaction data. As in the previous article, we will use the Invoices data from Microsoft’s sample database: Northwind. [Our thanks to Microsoft for permission to use it in this tutorial. If you are not able to locate a copy of the 434kb zipped you can to download a copy here then extract Northwind.mdb].

We will start almost where we ended last time, with the PivotTable displaying our sales invoice totals by country, sorted in descending order by amount...

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  • Areas
  • Ad-hoc grouping
  • Grouping and the PowerPivot data model
  • DrillDown – Excel 2013 limitation
  • Filters and Slicers

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