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Live webcast - How are you producing iXBRL accounts?


This webcast on Thursday, October 20th at 10.00 a.m. compares two methods for producing iXBRL compliant final accounts and demonstrates both approaches live


Hosted by Dr Paul Booth, the ICAEW’s own iXBRL expert, Paul will review the production of a set of accounts using accounts production software and  the tagging of a set of accounts generated by Microsoft Word or Excel using a Conversion tool


Accompanied by Graham Tilbury, Thomson Reuters’ Tax & Accounting iXBRL specialist, together they will highlight the advantages and disadvantages of the different methods


Expect two very different user experiences and make up your own mind which is right for you without having to spend valuable time away from the office 


The session covers:


  • The tagging process
  • Techniques that can cut the time spent on tagging by as much as 50%
  • How import tools can reduce errors
  • How to minimise risk by accurate tagging 



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