Tax Faculty criticises debt management changes

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The ICAEW Tax Faculty has raised a number of concerns with HMRC over changes to the operation of its Debt Management and Banking (DMB) service.

The faculty sent these concerns, plus a list of recommendations, to HMRC at the end of December and can be found in full on the ICAEW website.

The document includes a commentary on how the collection process operates from start to finish and shows some of the areas where things can go wrong.

The main issues raised are:

  • lack of consultation with professional bodies prior to the introduction of operational changes within DMB
  • had proper consultation taken place with bodies many of the reported issues could have been averted
  • lack of communication between HMRC a...

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28th Jan 2013 14:13

about time too

the outside 'agencies' are a shower , in particular the information they have is often months out of date and threats are made under this false information.

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