DJ Derek’s top accounting tunes

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With a holiday weekened in the offing, AccountingWEB caught up with Born Dull?! Personality of the Year 2013 DJ Derek for his top 10 favourite accounting-related tracks. Here are some great cuts to spice up your party soundtrack. 

Derek’s selection includes some pretty obscure tracks, even for the regular reggae listener, but he managed to pin down 10 tunes with a financial theme, if only by title.

“You’re not going to get songs about double entry, at least not in the context of accounting,” Derek said. “A lot of people have probably never heard of these artists outside of my specific genre of music, as most of them are old 1960s ska,” he explained.

Here are DJ Derek’s top accounting tracks, with his unique commentary...

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Derek's Top Accounting Tunes

Outside Derek's genre, but the following 1960/70's tracks would be in my list:

"Taxman", The Beatles

"Can't buy me love", The Beatles

"Money, Money, Money", Abba



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Obviously not a rock fan ....

Money - Pink Floyd

Money for Nothing - Dire Straits  

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What most of us do every day

Living by numbers - New Musik

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How about

Brass in Pocket - The Pretenders

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And for the numerically challenged....

One and one is one - Medicine Head

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OK here's one without money

Pocket Calculator - Kraftwerk

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Bob Marley

If he ever had to phone HMRC then he would have thought of "Waiting in vain"

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Offshore Banking Business - The Members


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"Money on my Mind" - Sam Smith

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Top Toons

How about 2 + 2 = 5 by Radiohead (see what I did there?).

Numbers by Kraftwerk.

Sunny Afternoon by The Kinks

Everything Counts by Depeche Mode

9-5 Sheena Easton or (Working) 9-5 by Dolly Parton

Perfect Sense - Roger Waters. A pomp contender for the Accountants National Anthem. Complete as it is with the immortal lyrics:

Can't you see
It all makes perfect sense
Expressed in dollars and cents,
Pounds, shillings and pence
Can't you see
It all makes perfect sense







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